Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to Texas

Our final house guests left on Monday. It was bittersweet. We had such a good time with everyone! While we didn't do anything crazy, we were able to explore some of our town and just spend great time hanging out.

While our parents and Allison and Adam (Landon's sister and husband) have all visited Texas, it was when we lived in Fort Worth, which was several years ago.

So, in order to ensure they received the full Texas treatment while they were in town, I decided to make welcome baskets for each.

I started with some white "popcorn" bowls, some red and blue raffia and some authentic Texas items, including:

I also bought some Texas Blue Bonnet seeds for Landon's mom. She loves to garden and while I have no idea if the state flower will grow in Miami, I still thought she would enjoy trying.

I decided the basket wouldn't be complete without a "welcome" card to go along, so I got out all my scrapbooking items, which had been collecting dust from such little use!

My friend Ashley had bought me a Texas stamp a few years back. I remember her giving it to me and saying, "You may never use this, but ..." Well, it was perfect for my card.

I had also bought some bottled water, originally planning to include it in the welcome basket until I decided the Dr. Pepper was a much better choice. Still, I wanted to include the water in the guest bedroom, but felt it needed a little sprucing up. So, I decided to remove the label and make my own.

Once it was all put together, the baskets looked really cute, if I do say so myself.

It was a fun way to welcome all our guests! So, what would you include in your town's welcome baskets?


Adam Dye said...

Everything was so perfect that I fear I'm going to completely rip off your idea when we have guests visit TN! And don't underestimate the water bottles - they're perfect when you're in a new house, it's late at night, the house is dark, and you don't know where the cups are in the kitchen. Also, the Texas travel guide on the dresser was fun to look through, too. All great ideas.

Edwina said...

It was so nice to have that waiting in the guest room when we arrived. The candy was delicious, I understand from others in my house that the hot sauce in Great, and I am waiting to try the chili mix. We had such a good time, everything was so nice; but, I would have been just a happy to have nothing by you, Landon & my granddogs!!!

isaac and jenny said...

I love this idea! I would include something about the Louisville Sluggars, bourbon, the idea to start thinking about. When we move to new places, I'll start thinking about it right away!