Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tray Changes

I look at a lot of blogs on a daily basis and one of them is Centsational Girl's blog. The other day I was really inspired by the sweetheart tray she posted about. I actually have a little wooden tray in my house that you may have seen in some of my past guest room photos:

I thought, "Why not paint it white and add a new twist to it?" So, that's exactly what I did last weekend ... well, at least the painting white part!

Phase two will be to stencil the bottom. I bought this stencil at Michael's and some black paint, which I'm planning on using.

Not sure if I'll use the stencil just once in the middle of the tray bottom or both on the top and bottom of the tray bottom. We'll see. Once I get it stenciled, I'll also put a coat or two of sealant on it, so that it will last.

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