Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IKEA Wish List

When Landon, Laura and I were at IKEA this weekend, we found a few things that are officially now on my "wish list." 

First, we saw these great chairs that I think would be perfect for our sunroom.


It may not look that comfortable, but it really is! It also has a little foot stool, that makes it even better. Landon and Laura really liked them.

We also have been throwing around the idea of getting a sofa bed, so that if we were lucky enough to have several family members come visit at the same time (hint, hint you guys) that we would have enough places for everyone to sleep. So, we took a look at the IKEA selection and found this one that we really liked.


What's great about this sofa bed, is that there is storage underneath the chaise lounge. The "bed" pulls out from underneath the love seat section. It's comfy too.
We were originally thinking about putting this in the sunroom but after measuring it out, we think it would take up the entire room and just be too much. So, we are now thinking about putting it in our living room. Our current furniture, which was bought a few years ago from Rooms to Go is falling apart, so we've had furniture on our "wish list" for a while now. This may be the first step ... we'll see!

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