Monday, May 16, 2011

Inexpensive Wall Art

If you haven't noticed, I spent some time on Sunday redesigning my blog. I decided I wouldn't change the name after all, but I did feel it need a little face lift. So, I hope you like the new look!

This weekend, I finally finished a project I've been working on for about four weeks. It involves these frames I showed you a few weeks ago.

I bought four of these frames at IKEA with the intention of putting them in the dining room. I knew I wanted to do something very simple, so I took a trip to the craft store in search of some unique craft paper to use.

I first picked up this embossed paper in white, silver black and yellow, which I thought would work with the colors in my dining room.

But, when I put them together, I wasn't loving them. The silver was too gray for my gray wall. The white was too blah, and the black and gold reminded me too much of my high school colors.

Plus, they were just a tad bit boring, and I decided maybe I needed to add something to it. To help, I decided to take a trip back to the store for something else. I shopped around a lot and just couldn't find anything I wanted, until I took a trip to Joann's this last weekend and found a great black and silver paisley print.

So, now that I had my paper, it was time to pull out my Cricut and decide what graphic I would use. I originally had my heart set on a "robin." I thought I could use one on each and it would be a wonderful monochromatic look. I cut out several on white paper but in the end, I really wasn't feeling like it gave me the look for which I was hoping. 

So, I tried a "butterfly," but quickly decided against that. Next, I thought, "Perhaps we could spell a word?" But, after consulting with Landon, we couldn't decide on a word that made sense for the dining room. "Love" wasn't appropriate and "Cole" seemed a bit narcissistic. 

I decided to go back to the "robin" thinking perhaps the white was what bothered me, since it was a little too bright for the frame. I tried black, but didn't like that. I tried cream paper, which I liked for the coloring, but still didn't like the "robin." In the end, all I had left was a pile of die cuts.

Then, I found it -- a "corner" graphic. I cut four out, on cream paper and here is the final result.

What do you think? I'm excited to get them hung on the wall.


lesliesews said...

Love the new look! Also love the wall art. It's so classy!

Edwina said...

I noticed the new look of your blog as soon as I opened it and I love it! The wall art looks really good. Also loved your re-done chandelier (posted a comment, but something happened & it didn't post!)