Monday, May 9, 2011

Table Talk

This post has been a long time coming ... remember about three weeks ago when I mentioned I had been working on a big project? Well, I finally finished this weekend!

As you will remember, I bought a table on Craig's List back in January with the intentions of redoing it. Here are some pictures of the before.

Well, I'm proud to reveal that the table has been completed! It was a long process because I had to prime, paint three coats of Glidden Marshmallow White and then put the finishing glaze on top. That is why it required several weekends of work. It sat in our garage a long time, but this afternoon, Landon and I finally brought it back in the house, which is also a bit of an ordeal because we have to walk around the house and go in the front door. The table is too big to fit through the door leading to the garage. We learned that the hard way when we tried to move it out there.

So, enough gabbing. Here is the final product.

A couple of things to note. I found that after the first coat of white, that I had pretty big streaks on the top. So, I decided to use a paint roller for coats two and three. Not only did it not streak, but it was so much faster. I highly recommend. That said, the final product does still have some streaks because the finishing glaze is fast drying and despite putting it on as quickly as I could, I just couldn't get it to look perfect. But, unless someone will be coming into critique, which I don't expect, then I think it works. 

We have the table with the leaves in pushed up against the window right now so we can walk in the room, but it won't be staying that way. We'll remove the leaves most of the time because it is so large, but we want them to have plenty of time to dry before doing so. I'll be working on the chairs over the next few weeks. I'm really excited about this because we've hesitated on having friends over until we have a proper place to feed them. We're getting closer!


Kelly @ View along the way said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Hard to believe that's the same table. Great job!

Gloria said...

Yay! I think it looks awesome! Ditto on the paint roller, I'm also a fan of spray primer for those hard to find motivation projects. I had my dining table for a couple months before I got around to it. It feels so great to be done!

lesliesews said...

This is beautiful. You did a great job! The white is so clean and happy looking. Love it.