Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Heart Divided

When we drove to Nashville last month for our reunion, we made sure to make two very important pit stops. We hit up both the Tennessee and Texas welcome center for these babies.

I had seen a really cute map art on Pinterest using various places that are special to you.

So, since my guest bedroom is shaping up to take on a "travel" theme, and my heart will always be divided between Nashville and DFW, I thought these would be a cute addition. 

I grabbed two wooden shadow boxes for 50 percent off at Michael's and started by painting them white.

Then, it was time to get my maps ready. I was hoping the scale of the map would be the same, but since Texas is much bigger than Tennessee, it was a much "denser" look. 

I used my Cricut to cut out a heart. The biggest I could get it to cut was five and a half inches, which was not quite big enough for my 12 x 12 box. So, I then had to carefully trace about an inch from the edge to make my heart a bit bigger. I was a little nervous but it worked pretty well, and once I had one done, I could use it as the template for the other.

My plan was to actually keep my shadow box white but because much of the map was also white, I decided it needed a bit of color behind it. Luckily, I had a blue paint sample from trying to find a color for my bedroom (more on that tomorrow).

So, I pulled out the Behr Sonata and painted the background of the shadow box. Then, I used a little mod podge to get the maps to adhere. Now, can I just tell you, I've never used mod podge. I know! I think now that I have, I can call myself a real crafty person! 

After all that, here is what I have ...

What do you think? I'm excited to get them hung on the wall!

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Edwina said...

I love them but I can't believe you didn't do one of Orlando!