Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yard Sale Time

I've decided to have my very first yard sale. I've heard from several people how much trouble yard sales are, but we need to get rid of our old couch and a few other items, so I thought it is worth a try. Plus, I figure if I can make a few extra bucks, I can buy a few extra items (particularly a coffee table, which we now need to go with our couch).

So, I've been reading up on the Yard Sale Queen about tips and tricks for having a sale. I've already posted the information, with pics, on several free websites. 

I feel like I've priced my items pretty reasonable, but I guess we will see. We decided to price to sell, because even a small amount is better than nothing.

Here are a few items that we hope to get rid of ...

Add to this a microwave, speaker system, picture frames, tons of curtains and various other items. I'm hoping it's enough to draw some interest.

Have you had a yard sale? If so, give me your tips! The sale will be Friday and Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.

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