Sunday, June 12, 2011


I can honestly say I have been absolutely lazy lately. There are things around my house that need to be done, people that need to be called, projects that need to be completed, yet I haven't done any of those things. Instead, I spent all weekend lounging around watching TV and reading. I think part of my problem is this.

When Landon and I decided to purchase a home in Dallas, we made a list describing our future house with three columns: 1) things that we must have, 2) things that would be like, and 3) things that would be an added bonus. In column No. 1 was a pool.

I've wanted a pool since I was a little girl. I absolutely love swimming. I was thrown in the pool at just six months old by my sister's swimming lessons teacher. From then on, I could frequently be found floating idly on my back around the pool, content as could be. My mom used to joke that I always got uneven suntans on vacations when I was little, because I spent so much time underwater. There is just something about being in the pool that I absolutely love.

Before house shopping, we had spoken with different people who had pools and determined that the price of the home wasn't that much more, it's just the chemicals and maintenance that costs more. We decided it was a price we were willing to pay, especially living in Texas where 100 degree weather is the norm.

We purchased our home in October ... not necessarily in pool season. While Landon jumped in a few times (and frozen), we were beginning to think all the effort to "figure out this pool thing" was never going to pay off. Then came Memorial Day and mid to high 90-degree temperatures. All I can say now, is it is soooo worth it.

Landon shares my love of swimming. We have two floats and two pairs of goggles. Depending on the mood, we either lounge on the floats and have great conversation or pull out goggles and see how many breaths it takes to find the loose change the other has strategically thrown around our small pool. Yes, we are absolute children, and I love it. I hope to get to enjoy this fun with each of my friends and family.

That said, I have vowed to spend some time on projects next weekend, so here's to hoping some of those dining room chairs will get done. Aren't you tired of me talking about them? Yeah, me too!

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?


Alicia (Perry) Beaver said...

Hah! This is great. I like the visual of you gathering loose change underwater. KC, every time I go to the lap pool at L.A. Fitness (not that often), I think of you. You're such a water lover. Looks like your new set up is a lot more...luxurious. :-) I love it. Live it up! It's good to work but it's also good to PLAY!

Edwina said...

Ms. Carolyn would be so proud! I am so glad to finally got your pool(maybe next house you will get your elevator!)

Kristin said...

Alicia, I can swim laps in this pool but it is a VERY short lap!

Mom, yeah, I think I'm going to have to go up in square footage before I need that elevator!

Kelly @ View along the way said...

It looks SOOO refreshing, wow. With the 90-degree and higher temps we're getting here in Atl, I'd kill for that!