Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet my new best friend

After my unfortunate camera incident a few weeks ago, we have finally purchased a new shiny model. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I have been complaining about my camera for some time now. We had a little Canon PowerShot that we bought four and a half years ago. It was actually our Christmas present to each other. I remember paying so much for it (I think $300) and telling everyone what great pics it took. Funny how quickly technology can change in just four years.

So, after I broke that little Canon, I started doing some research on a possible next camera. I had been browsing the camera section for a while, and had actually written down info for a couple of models that looked good. I wanted something that would be have all the functions of a big camera but still small enough to put in my purse while on trips. After much research, we landed on yet another Canon PowerShot, this one being the model SX130 IS.

The reviews on both Amazon and cnet were great for it. And, in addition, it has a manual mode for added control. 

I took some photography classes in college. I am no professional photographer but I do know the basics and know there are times when manual mode would come in handy.

I was able to purchase this camera at Sam's Club where it was actually $50 less than Target. Score! I've only played with it a bit, but already I can tell it takes such better pictures. 

This weekend, I pulled out some of my old photography books and started refreshing myself on everything I needed to know. Here is a sample shots I took to show you the difference in automatic and manual.

On "automatic" setting

Adjusting various settings manually

It's not perfect. Matter of fact, I think I also had on the manual focus and after downloading the pics, it looks like I may not have completely focused the pics. But a little more practice will make it better. P.S. Don't Bug and Mitsu look pitiful? They were just upset that I wasn't sitting on the couch paying attention to them. Yes, that's how they are. Perhaps you could call that spoiled? :)

Hopefully, with a bit more practice, you'll begin to notice a big difference in my pics moving forward!

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Gloria said...

Congratulations!Yes, it is amazing how fast technology changes. I'm a cannon girl through and through. I just recently bought a tripod hoping it would help me take better pictures and hold me over, but your excitement is contagious and I think I need more than a tripod! Have fun with your camera!