Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little freshening up

This post has been marinating in my drafts. I started it the day I broke the camera. I took half the pictures and wasn't able to finish until the new camera was purchased. I just didn't think my cell phone would do it justice.

I mentioned that we were going to repaint our sunroom. Well, Memorial Day weekend, we did just that. I really like the color that was in the sunroom, but it looked "thin" in some places, showing through the wood paneling and just needed a refresher. Not knowing what color it was, we threw a couple of paint samples on the wall and ended up choosing Glidden's "Antique Beige."

We thought it was going to be a very quick process, but it seemed to take longer than expected. As always, it was my job to trim while Landon rolled. Needless to say, my job was harder.

Can you see the subtle difference in the colors? The all to my left has the fresh coat of paint while the wall to my left has the old color. I know ... it's barely noticeable in this pic.

At first we were afraid we were going to need two coats of paint, but luckily it gave great coverage once completely dried. Also, once dried, we realized it was actually a shade lighter than the original. I think Landon said it best when he said the entire room just looked "clean." So true. Funny what a new coat of paint can do.

We had hoped to have enough paint to also do the office, but the walls just soaked it up and we basically used the entire gallon. I do like the color so I may just end up buying another gallon or I might choose something new all together. We'll see. We're a little ways off from that project.

Now that the paint was done in the sunroom, I could finally begin hanging things on the wall. Mainly, these beautiful vases purchased from IKEA.

I had bought some hooks also from IKEA and with Landon's help, we were able to get them hung.

My goal is to purchase some battery-operated candles to put down in them with some shells. I have my eye on some at Michael's that look real when turned on, but I didn't realize how expensive they were! So, I'm waiting on them to go on sale.

I put the potpourri purchased a few weeks ago in some other vases I had and placed them on my yellow tables. The blue of the vase and the blue in the potpourri is perfect. 

The room already looks better. Now if I only had some furniture for it ....

I think I need to go yard sale shopping ... surely I can find some cute wicker furniture that just needs a good spray paint.

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