Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gone is the Gold

Remember the frames and mirrors I bought at the estate sale a few months back?

Well, Saturday, I got up early and headed to the garage before it hit 100 degrees, and began transforming these beauties. I was a little worried because the back of the spray paint can said not to use it in temperatures over 90 degrees. I'm pretty sure it was already at or close to 90 degrees by 10 a.m. I was worried it might affect the results but ...

I'm happy to say the project was a success!

I especially love how the detail of the mirrors turned out.

I also decided to spray paint the frame my bridal portrait was in. As you'll remember, it has been sitting on the floor of my bedroom since we moved in.

I could have just put some newspaper over the glass and been done with it, but instead, I wanted to take the pic and glass out. Well, this proved to be a bad idea because the corner  of the glass broke as I was getting it out. So, it's looking like I'll either be buying a new piece of glass or looking for a new frame.

I plan to do the other frame from our wedding (also sitting on the floor as seen in the pic above) but didn't get around to it this weekend.

These will all eventually be going on the wall in my bedroom along with my yarn letter. But I'm hoping to paint my bedroom first. This is what my bedroom wall has looked like for over two months.

And this is "third generation." It doesn't even reflect the paint samples that have already gone up and been vetoed. I've literally grabbed every green-blue color from Lowe's, Home Depot and Sherwin Williams. Finally, after much debate, I have made a choice. 

We're going with the middle color -- Valspar's La Fonda Mirage. The color is from their National Trust for Historic Preservation series, and this particular color is named after Santa Fe's La Fonda Hotel. That's not why I picked it ... I really just like the color. But, it's good to know.

The picture above doesn't really sow the color best. Hopefully I'll have it on the wall soon so you can see it better. 

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Allison Dye said...

I also have the La Fonda Mirage paint chip sitting around here. I love it, especially becasue it makes me thing of La Fawn duh! The picture frams look beautiful, can't wait to see more.