Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Estate Sale Goodies

I was so excited last week when I received an email telling me there would be an Estate Sale near my house over the weekend (you may remember I put myself on the mailing list at the last Estate Sale). Knowing that last time I went on Friday when there were still plenty of good items, I knew getting to this one early was key. 

So during my lunch break last Friday, two of my co-workers joined me for the Estate Sale. There were still lots of things being offered. A few items caught my eye including an antique looking mirror and an antique tea cart. Unfortunately, both were priced a little more than I wanted to spend. Plus, after speaking with those hosting the sale, I found out that everything would be 25 percent off on Saturday. So, I thought I'd take my chances and see if they were still there when I came back. I went with the, "If it's meant to be" mentality. But, I did go ahead and purchase this:

It's only about 15 inches long and five inches wide, but I was drawn to the uniqueness of it. I thought it was $8, but when I got ready to pay, the woman informed me that what I thought was a dollar sign was really a one! So, it was $18, but apparently, I looked pitiful when they told me this news because they were generous and gave it to me for $8.

When I went to see if the tea cart and antique mirror were still there, I was not really surprised to find that they were not. Oh, well. I guess it was not meant to be. But, I went back again on Sunday and everything was 50 percent off! Sure, there wasn't much left, but I managed to score some great finds for just a little over $11.

I know they don't look like much now, but my plan is to spray paint everything bought at the Estate Sale and use it on a wall in my bedroom. I'm hoping the end product looks a little something like this:

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
Danielle Oakey Interiors
Dwellings By DeVore

I was proud of myself for seeing the potential in these items. A few months ago, I probably would have passed them by as junk. I probably shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch considering my plan could fail, but I have my spray paint and am hoping to get to work on this, this weekend.


Edwina said...

Love that skinny mirror! I was trying to imagine it by your description, but I didn't quite understand how skinny it was. Sorry you didn't get the tea cart; another will come along another time.

Gloria said...

Oh I LOVE that skinny mirror! Whenever I see unique things like that I always buy them too. So awesome you saved $10 on it. I have a feeling that you're plan isn't going to fail, but look awesome!

I just saw you have me on your blogroll, Thank you! I'm still figuring out how to work this whole blog thing :( Some day I'll have a blogroll...

Kristin said...


Thanks for the encouragement!

As far as the blog roll goes ... first off, I've really enjoyed your blog so I was happy to add it to the list! I was able to add a gadget that would pull in all the blogs I follow via Google follow and my RSS feeds and place them on my blog, so it was really easy to create the blogroll. You might try that!

Also, I'm learning the blogging world, too, so I'm right there with you!