Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Faith on the Wall

For those of you who are Christians (like me), you know what an exciting week this is as we get ready to celebrate Christ's resurrection on Sunday. 

Since our minds are already on the Cross, I thought I'd share some inspiration for my dining room wall. I decided a while back that I wanted to start a wall of crosses. I love the decorative crosses that many stores carry now, and I love that I can express my faith on my wall.

Last fall, I went to the sale of Rebecca Ellis, a local Dallas artist who just happens to be my boss' sister-in-law. Rebecca is beyond talented and every year right before Christmas, she hosts a sale with all of her product being sold at wholesale. Knowing I wanted to begin a cross collection, I picked this one up at the sale:

Rebecca was inspired by knitting when making this, because when I bought it she asked if I knit. I don't. I just thought it was interesting!

Then, for Christmas, my staff gave me this one, which was also bought from Rebecca:

This one is hand-embroidered leather. The detail is amazing. I love it!

I've been waiting to hang these on my dining room wall and  had looked at a few others here and there but decided I wouldn't buy anymore for a while. But, at church on Sunday, one of the Sunday School classes was selling baked goods and crafts. Landon pointed out a beautiful, blue beaded cross, but ironically, I only had one check left with me (because I never have cash), and knowing I was headed to the Estate Sale on the way home, so I told Landon we'd have to pass.

Well, imagine my surprise when Landon called me on Monday and said that one of the ladies at church had noticed us admiring it and decided to purchase it as a gift for us! I was shocked, and felt very blessed.

So now I have three crosses -- each unique in its own way and each handmade. I can't wait to get them hung in the dining room. 

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