Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Filling up the Backyard

Over the weekend, Landon and I finally filled in the remaining of the backyard landscape with some plants. We had taken several trips to Home Depot before finally deciding what we needed. Gardening isn't really our forte, so hopefully these were the right choices.

We decided to plant two Azaleas, some Marigolds and a Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush. I'm really excited to see if the Butterfly Bush really does attract butterflies.


Ashley Newton said...

Your flowers look so good!!! let me tell you about your little flower bed between your pool and the side of the pool...FANCY!! The Lineberrys have that in Florida and had a palm there...it died and in order to take it up or put another in they have to completely mess up the pool because it had to be planted before the construction of the pool because of the root....Good decision planting smaller plants!!

Kristin said...

I never even thought about planting something big enough to mess up the pool! Oh, no! That would be the worst!