Monday, March 28, 2011


Saturday just happened to be a gorgeous day in Texas! It was a little over 80 degrees and sunny. So, Landon and I took the opportunity to clean out the weeds from our flowerbeds to get them ready for new plants.

I'm very thankful that the owners before us put in amazing landscaping and even more grateful that many of the plants were annuals, which came back. So, we really don't have too much to do this year except for a little trimming here and there and adding a few additional plants.

So, we got rid of that plant beside the pool, which was clearly dead, and cleaned out the area around the banana plants so they could come back through.

And, I took a look at the rose bushes and discovered this beautiful rose already blooming, which made me so excited about the rest to come through!

They are going to look amazing in a vase!

We haven't decided what will replace the "dead" plants, but will be working on that in April. If you have any suggestions, I'm open!

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