Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm sorry I've been so sporadic in my posting lately. My work travel has been keeping me busy and so I've haven't had much time, but I have the entire weekend free, so I hope to have some good new projects to post about next week!

Until then, you may remember me telling you about my trip to California for work. I wrote this post last night before receiving news of the record earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It's amazing that now that I post it, the California coast is bracing for a possible tsunami. It makes me grateful to have been in California on such a peaceful weekend. I'm praying for all those impacted in Japan. The devastation is heartbreaking.

Usually when I travel for work, there is little down time, but this trip was slightly different. Matter of fact, I had Saturday late afternoon and evening completely free, so rather than staying in my hotel room, I decided to get out and explore.

I took a trip down to Laguna Beach, which was only about 30 minutes from where I was staying. It was a gorgeous 80-degree day! So, I spent about two hours walking the beach and exploring the shops along the shore. 

One of my favorite shops was a beach decor shop called Cottage Furnishings.

If I had, had room in my suitcase, I definitely would have snagged something to bring home!  Check out their website to see all the fabulous things they offer:

I must say that I do love California. It is truly unique, with the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. I couldn't live there, but I definitely enjoy visiting. I'm hoping to one day go with Landon, so we can explore California together (Oh, and take a trip to Disneyland!).

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Edwina said...

Love your photos, and would love to go to California. Hope you and Landon can go soon! Have a good weekend, it is beautiful here!