Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Design on a Dime

I love finding a deal, but I am also always drawn to things that are above my budget. The other day was no exception.

One of my favorite stores opened right down the road from my office.

So, of course, I took a trip on my lunch break to browse around. I had barely walked through the door when I saw a couch that I fell in love with.

I sat on it and made sure it passed the "comfort" test and THEN I looked at the price (which is what I should have done first) and discovered it had a pretty price of $1,600. So, I sadly walked away trying to forget about it.

I perused the rest of the store and also saw these really cute hanging vases.

But, I walked away with only one purchase ... a replacement pepper grinder (because we broke our other one).

Fast forward a few days to my IKEA trip I told you about last week. I didn't have any intention to look at furniture, but since I had to walk through that section to get to the next, I let my eye wander. And then I saw this ...

It was almost just like the Crate & Barrel version except that it was leather and half the price! Also, the headrests in the above photo are optional (and not an option I would choose). So, this is officially on my "wish list," which seems to be growing larger every time I go to IKEA! But, in all seriousness, I think I've told you all about my Rooms To Go couch that is falling apart, so this may have to replace it soon.

I also found these at IKEA.

They aren't quite as unique as the hanging vases, but they were also more than half the price at only $5.99 a piece! In addition, you'll see they are sitting on my new yellow tables. Having these blue vases is really what sold me on the yellow tables. The colors are great together.

I'm planning on filling them with sand and shells and hanging them on the wall in the sunroom. I think they will give it that great beachy feel for which I'm hoping.

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