Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Best Six Years of my Life

Six years ago today I married my best friend! I honestly can't believe six years have gone by, but I can tell you they have been the best years of my life!

Landon and I met in seventh grade English class. We sat across the room from each other, but as is typical of most seventh graders, we didn't talk much. Landon's family had just moved from Florida, and a few months after the school year began, they began attending my church, Tulip Grove Baptist Church. That's when I really started to get to know Landon. 

We grew up together in classes at school as well as church and became good friends. Throughout high school, we watched each other date other people -- many of which were our friends. Our senior year of high school, we became even closer friends, partly due to leading a discipleship group together at our church. To be honest, we didn't have many in the group, so many Sunday nights were spent talking with each other. 

Landon asked me to senior prom "as friends" because he wanted a date he "could have fun with" (those were his words). I'll be honest and say at that point, I did not want to be "just friends." But, when I brought that up, it just didn't go well, and that's when Landon went from a great friend to someone who frustrated me. My college roommates can attest to this, because I shared this frustration in our freshman year -- even though Landon and I went to colleges two hours away. Clearly, he was on my mind. I laugh at this now!

By spring break of our college freshman year, I came home to Nashville only to find that the only other person with the same spring break as me was none other than Landon. We spent most of the week hanging out, and before we knew it, those sparks were back. The timing was finally right, and we went on our first "official" date. A couple of months later, it was clear that Landon would be in my life for a very long time.

I think our parents had been hoping this would happen for a while. My mom used to tell Landon, "I have three daughters, and I don't care which one you marry, but you need to marry one." In addition, Landon's dad had tried to get us together many times, including bribing Landon with some really good hockey tickets if he would take me (which he did). His dad told him I was a "good catch." 

Well, their wishes came true, because within just over a year, Landon proposed to me on my family vacation to the beach. He had already asked permission from my parents, and I'm pretty sure everyone knew this was happening, because I recall them all telling me how much fun they hoped I had. 

Landon's intention was to wait until the Fourth of July, but he was too nervous. So, a few days before, we took a walk on the beach, and he got down on one knee and popped the question. I'll never forget a group of people out on the balcony of a condo behind where we got engaged began cheering at the site. 

Over a year and a half later, due to my needing to finish college, we got married at the same place where our friendship blossomed - Tulip Grove Baptist Church. 

A lot has happened in six years. We have ...

  • Lived in five different homes
  • Moved more than 700 miles away from our friends and family in Nashville ... twice
  • Changed jobs ... many times
  • Grown our family by two ... dogs, that is
  • Dealt with death
  • Made some difficult decisions
  • Cried a little
  • Laughed a lot

The list could go on, but that said, I'd do it all again with Landon by my side! I can honestly say that I could not have married a better man! I love you, Landon!


lesliesews said...

Happy Anniversary to my "adopted" children. Love you bunches!

Edwina said...

WOW! Some of this I didn't even know; but it doesn't suprise me. All those times you would come home mad & crying and saying "I hate that Landon Cole", I knew you loved him. Happy Anniversary to my daughter and my "favorite son-in-law"lol !

ACBeaver said...

I love this post. So sweet. CONGRATS!

Ginny said...

I still remember that day well even though most of my memories are centered around getting John to carry that pillow down the aisle! Congrats! BTW, I knew he was going to propose too:)!!

Carrie Hunter said...

Happy Anniversary friends!

laura said...

I'm pretty sure I remember telling Landon the year ya'll started dating that you were gonna get married. I called it my sophomore year of h/s, so that would have been ya'll's freshman year of college!! Just saying!! Congrats on 6 years of marriage!! I hope to find someone I can be as happy with as you two are! Love ya! I'm so happy you're part of our family!