Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Estate Sale

Landon and I went to an Estate Sale on Friday. I loved it! I think I'm going to make this my new hobby.

This particular sale was for a couple who clearly didn't throw anything away. There were so many great finds, though many were overpriced for us. But, we did come away with a few new things. 

Landon found some authentic German nutcrackers and smokers. His grandmother began a tradition of giving him a nutcracker when he was younger. Now his collection is quite large, but when he saw these, he decided he needed to add them to his collection.

I actually found a lot of things I would have loved to have but held back. What I did find though, were these perfect things for my sunroom.

These shells are huge, and I can't wait to display them in some vases and bowls. I think they will be a great addition.

I can't wait for future estate sales. Just walking through someone's home, you can discover great things about who they might have been. It's pretty fascinating.  I actually signed up to be on the company's email list for future sales so I really do expect to go to more.

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